Audionet AMPERE


What’s the scientific progress in external power supply? Ask AMPERE. Providing you with hitherto unheard-of stability, calmness, spatiality and tonal pureness. AMPERE is what will make the decisive difference regarding the perfor­mance of all your devices in the future.

Special features AMPERE

  • Absolute load stable external power supply for the analog sections of Audionet CD player PLANCK.
  • Massive aluminium body and resonance-optimized fixation with invisible screws.
  • Fully separated, discrete circuitry for positive and negative voltage, each with its own low emitting toroid transformer.
  • Control and stand-by circuitry with separate galvanically isolated power supply.
  • Extreme low impedance, low noise and load inde­pendent voltage outputs.
  • Two 300 VA toroid transformers with optimized winding design, encap­sulated and resonance optimized.
  • Ultra fast recovery time Schottky diodes for rectification.
  • Laboratory grade high precision und low noise voltage reference.
  • Audio grade capacitors with silk dielec­tricum, total capacitance 576,000 µF.
  • High precision voltage regulator with discrete MOSFETs.
  • Circuitry layout for optimized current conduction.
  • Double layer glass fibre rein­forced and resonance-minimized epoxy circuit board.
  • Low impedance circuit layout with extra-thick copper layers.
  • Internal wiring with gold-doped pure silver cables.
  • Short-circuit proof and protected against overheating.
  • Rhodium fuse.
Power supply: Two encapsulated 300 VA toroid transformer and 576,000 µF capacitance
Circuitry: Reference voltage sources for positive and negative analog voltages using discrete Audionet voltage regulators (MOSFET)
Output voltage: ±24.00 V for analog sections,
+5 V for digital and control sections
Stability: Deviation absolute: < 0.1 % of nominal value
Deviation relative: < 0.01 % accuracy
Noise: -144 dB or 1.5 µVRMS for 0 Hz up to 22 kHz
Power consumption: < 0.5 W Stand by, max. 400 W
Mains: 220..240 V or 110..120 V, 50..60 Hz
Dimensions: Width 430 mm
Height 110 mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight: 26 kg



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