Audionet PAM G2


Phono předzesilovač

Pro ty, kteří se ještě stále těší poslechem záznamů na gramofonových deskách, oceňujíc nedostižnou autentičnost a atmosféru je určen přenoskový předzesilovač PAM G2, který poctivě reprodukuje všechny klasické charakteristické rysy vinylu.

Making Vinyl Fly


With the unique circuit, function and operating concept of the new PAM G2, Audionet has once again made a seminal technological advance. The new PAM G2 is an absolutely consistent High Performance system; the first phono pre-amplifier in the world to which not only two record players / pick-ups can be connected, but which includes an external, precision mains adaptor for a precise and ultra-stable current supply and a controller allowing the remote-control of all functions and the display of all settings on a large display. For the first time ever, we have enabled the remote selection of inputs; each input can be controlled and modified separately for amplification, input resistance and capacity, even during operation.

Frequency response: 40 – 30,000 Hz (+/- 0.2 dB)
18 – 80,000 Hz (+/- 1.0 dB)
Subsonic filter: 4th order high-pass, fg = 8 Hz
Amplification: 38 dB, 48 dB, 58 dB, 68 dB (for 1 kHz)
selectable at the rear
or the EPC‘s remote control
Input resistance: 100 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 470 Ohm, 1 kOhm, 23 kOhm, 47 kOhm, 69 kOhm
selectable on the rear
or the EPC‘s remote control
Input capacity: 100 pF, 200 pF, 320 pF, 420 pF
selectable at the rear
or the EPC‘s remote control
SNR: < -103 dB @ 1 kHz (Gain = 38 dB) < -83 dB @ 1 kHz (Gain = 58 dB)
Output resistance: RCA 22 Ohm real
XLR 94 Ohm real
Output voltage: 6 V @ 58 dB amplification
Mains: 230 V, 50…60 Hz or
115 V, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption: Stand by < 0.5 W max. 40 W
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 70 mm
depth 310 mm
Weight: 9 kg

Highend Report 11/2009


Vynikající reprodukce, která ctí všechny dobré zásady analogového zpracování zvukového signálu.

Mains Adapter

The mains adaptor consists of a large 100 VA toroidal transformer and selected audio condensers with a total capacity of 40,000 uF, both extremely fast and impulse-resistant, thus guaranteeing extremely clean sifting. The operating voltage is smoothed and stabilized by a total of 14 fast-working, discrete, MOSFET regulators, cooled via a common aluminium bar guarantee.

Amplification and De-Emphasis

The often only weak (amounting often to only some microvolts) pick-up signal is equalized and amplified in an elaborate two-stage procedure.

The Primary amplification is performed in the transistor input stage by our double mono construction, fitted with double FET inputs. With no error current, these provide unlimited input resistance, and under conditions of minimal constant capacity have an almost unlimited input resistance.

Every channel uses two specially adjusted Audionet operation amplifiers integrated directly in the input topology. Every Audionet operation amplifier is discretely constructed from 86 individual components characterized by a unique amplification broadband product of 100 MHz.

Input switching occurs between the first and second amplification stage using the amplified and stabilized signal. This extremely elaborate concept avoids all negative audio effects on the switching.

Secondary equalization and amplification is performed in the double mono configured output stage, both of which are equipped with a discrete Audionet operation amplifier integrated in the driver circuit. Their drivers integrate a class-A circuit with high standby current, designed for operation with long cables configured both coaxially and symmetrically.

The PAM G2 mutes its outputs during switching so as to avoid any disruptive popping or snapping noises. Moreover, a safety switch monitors the supply voltage and shuts down the output signal quickly before any interference reaches the loudspeaker. The new PAM G2 issues a warning before any inverted or distorting network connection which could corrupt the sound.

This elaborate and consistently-implemented concept makes the PAM G2 a standard-setter in terms of accuracy and is able to process even the weakest pick-up signal, providing the technical requirements for its phenomenal sound potential.

The new PAM G2 is Audionet’s statement for all phono lovers: an uncompromising concept in a radical realization. Multifunctional and upgradeable, it produces a world-beating sound with unique operation.