Audionet PRE G2


Mikroprocesorem řízený referenční předzesilovač

Předzesilovač PRE G2 je více než jen předzesilovač. To jak zachází s jemnými hudebními nuancemi nelze popsat slovy. Neuvěřitelné emocionální zážitky přicházejí v každém okamžiku při přehrávání a poslechu hudby. Rozhodnutí pořídit si dárek ve formě předzesilovače PRE G2je méně nerozumné než se zdá. Lidé kupující si výrobky značky Porsche nebo Patek Philippe, či obraz od Picassa, činí tak ze stejných důvodů.

You would be hard pressed to find a more competent preamplifier anyplace on this planet. This pretty much sums up the PRE G2 in a nutshell. As for what it is capable to do to and with music – words fail us. But fortunately not the knowing members of the press.

There are not that many things in this world you could justly qualify as being the optimum of their respective category. The epitome of what human beings can achieve with maximal effort at a given moment in time and space. To listen to or even own something falling in this category ranks among the more memorable experiences we can have on this earth. One can very well exist outside of the reality distortion field these things project. But there are many people who – once they had an epiphany like this – understandably prefer not to.

Frequency range: 0 – 2.000.000 Hz (- 3 dB), DC-coupled
2 – 2.000.000 Hz (-3 dB), AC-coupled
SNR: > 120 dB
THD + N: < -102 dB for 20 kHz (df: 0 – 80 kHz) < -114 dB for 1 kHz (df: 0 – 20 kHz)
Output impedance: 22 ohms
Output current: max. 60 mA
Mains: 120 V or 230 V, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 50 W
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 140 mm
depth 420 mm
Weight: 15 kg

Highend Report 11/2009


Vynikající reprodukce, která ctí všechny dobré zásady analogového zpracování zvukového signálu.

Cream of the Crop

Every sound-critical point in the Pre G2 is fitted exclusively with the finest components available worldwide, many of which are custom-made for Audionet. The selected filter capacitors, for example, or the bulk of our high-audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a dielectric made of silk. We fit mica capacitors, insert selected high-voltage foil capacitors and use high-quality silver-gold alloys for our internal wiring.


The double mono set-up guarantees complete channel separation. SMD miniature technology optimizes the high frequency properties, and the magnetically and capacity-optimized chassis and circuit prevents interference. Controlling and signal processing units are optically decoupled to prevent feedback on the source signal. That no electromechanical elements were used underlines the pains taken to leave the music signal as untouched as possible. The volume is regulated by electronically switched precision resistors. The chassis is non-sensitive to microphonic effects.

Every channel has a dedicated encased 100 VA toroid core transformer, two special audio capacitors with 41,000 uF and fast, discrete regulators to ensure a stable supply voltage. Additionally the voltage is smoothed locally by 12 discrete regulators to each channel. The control unit has its own power supply.

All operational amplifiers in the signal path are discrete and optimized. The 10 operational amplifier modules have a gain-bandwidth product of 1.5 GHz. The input operational amplifiers have almost infinite input impedance and a constant capacity. As a result, they do not load the signal source.

The signal and ground of the inputs are switched via gold-coated precision relays. The output operational amplifiers are class-A amplifiers with high bias current and are non-sensitive to power amplifier reflux.


A microprocessor controls and regulates all functions and informs the user via a dimmable display. The inputs can be named, and different input signal levels corrected. Other devices can be switched on via Audionet link. All functions can be controlled remotely. Source signals containing DC components can be compensated for.