Audionet PRE I G3


Mikroprocesorem řízený předzesilovač

Předzesilovač PRE I G3 kombinuje funkční všestrannost a muzikální půvab unikátním způsobem. Průzračný hudební přednes, důmyslná funkčnost a čistý design jsou příčinou jasné volby.

A Wide Grin at the Touch of a Button


The Audionet PRE I G3 combines opulent equipment with a brilliant sound. It is difficult to describe the sound it produces: spacious yet subtle, transparent and sleek, powerful and unshakeable. The PRE I G3 plays music in all its facets naturally and effortlessly.
Mains phase recognition
With six inputs and two outputs which can be labelled with individual names, a bypass mode for integration into a home cinema system, two subwoofer outputs, level offset for the inputs, a headphone output, monitor switching for accessories, automatic mains phase recognition and trigger output, two Audionet links and an additional earth connector. Optionally, the PRE I G3 can be extended with our high-quality phono preamplifier board.

The technically unique complex circuitry is radically realized. Distortion and noise are almost non-detectable across the entire frequency and dynamic range. With a modern assembly, shortest signal paths and a capacitively and inductively optimized construction provide optimal high-frequency characteristics. Volume and balance adjustment is performed using a unique, electronically switched precision resistance network which is realized in real time, ensuring a constant dynamic and distortion-free operation across the entire control range.

We use only selected high-quality components such as the fast discrete voltage regulator with a low-noise gallium arsenide precision voltage references, high audio-grade electrolyte capacitors with a silk dielectric and selected high-current film capacitors with the lowest possible loss angle and gold-plated silver internal cabling.

The unit is controlled using a high-performance microcontroller with separate power supply. It enables operator-friendly access of comprehensive functions. A large display shows all the operating states and settings.

Bandwidth: 0 – 3,000,000 Hz (-3 dB), DC-coupled
THD + N: -110 dB @ 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ Vin=4.5 Vrms
SNR: 120 dB @ 1kHz @ Vin, max
Slew rate: 10 V/µsec
Channel separation: channels: 100 dB @ 20 kHz
inputs: 108 dB @ 20 kHz
Input voltage: max. 5 Vrms
Input impedance: line 82 kOhm real
XLR 15 kOhm real
Output voltage: line max. 8 Vrms
XLR max.16 Vrms
headphones max. 8 Vrms (max. gain 6 dB)
Output impedance: line, XLR 22 Ohm real
headphones 47 Ohm real
Mains: 220…240 Volt / 50…60 Hz or
110…120 Volt / 50…60 Hz
Power consumption: < 1 W stand by, max. 50 W
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 700 mm
depth 310 mm
Weight: 6 kg

Highend Report 11/2009


Vynikající, klidná reprodukce se stabilní a přesnou lokalizací jednotlivých zdrojů signálu.


In order to optimize the high-frequency attributes, circuit size has been radically reduced. The remaining signal paths are kept to a minimum, and are free of sound-critical components such as coils or chokes. Gold-coated precision-relays switch the input signal and earth. Ground wires run in a star shape towards one central point. The design has been capacitatively and inductively optimized. All in all, distortions have been reduced to a barely detectable minimum.

The input buffer is a cascoded, bootstrapped, monolithic double-FET, offering virtually infinite input impedance. This unique concept makes the PRE I G3 independent of unwanted influences extra to the source. Only the pure music signal will be processed. A DC-coupled driver stage amplifies the signal distortion free for the following circuitry. Volume and balance are set by an electronically switched, real time linearized high precision resistor network. The output driver combines high-speed bipolar opamps with discrete realized A/B-drivers with high bias currency. The voltages for the input and output stage are additionally smoothed by two discrete and ultra-fast bipolar regulators.

An encapsulated 50 VA toroid core transformer and high audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a capacity of 30,000 µF provide the supply voltage. These voltages are smoothed by two fast bipolar regulators.

Exclusive Materials

Every sound-critical point in the Pre I G3 is fitted exclusively with the finest components available worldwide, many of which are custom-made for Audionet. The selected filter capacitors, for example, or the bulk of our high audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a dielectric made of silk. We use mica capacitors, insert selected high voltage foil capacitors and deploy high-quality silver-gold alloys for our internal wiring.


A flashable microprocessor controls and regulates the whole system. The digital section has its own power supply. The digital control is physically and electrically separated. The software of the PRE I G3 allows many new and comfortable functions. For example the two subwoofer outputs can be used as left and right signal for to subs or as summed signal of both channels for one subwoofer. The headphone output can be switched on and off electronically, the home cinema mode offers a by-pass function to integrate a home cinema system. Six signal sources, two power amplifiers and one recorder can be connected. Furthermore a high-quality monitor loop is present. Other devices can be remotely activated via an Audionet link. A two-row display provides information about the system state. The inputs are nameable and their input sensitivity can be modified for different signal source levels.

Pure in sound, superior in function, clear in form – the PRE I G3 preamplifier combines outstanding versatility with musical charm.