Finite Elemente Ceraball


Cutting edge technology from one of the leading manufacturers of high end audio products – the ultimate direct coupling technique for your audio components, composed by ultra-hardened ceramic balls in high-precision coupling devices.

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The genesis of the CERAfamily offers an excellent access into the world of finite elemente’s sound enhancing systems. Being in the third generation already, Ceraball provides a screw-on function as well as an attractive budget price.


  • excellent value for money
  • optimum range of application: 5 – 40 kg of component weight
  • recommended for audio components, loudspeakers and equipment supports
  • Material:  precision machined stainless steel, high-tech ceramic ball
  • Usable height:  30 mm
  • Dimensions:  Ø 35 mm (top section), Ø 55 mm (bottom section)
  • Load capacity:   300 kg (set of 4), 225 kg (set of 3)
  • Versions:  set of 4, set of 3
  • Features: height adjustable within 10 mm of range, attachable (supplied with M6 and M8 bolts), supplied in high-quality wooden box


Finite Elemente