Finite Elemente Pagode Edition MKII

A new dimension in music reproduction thanks to the revolutionary Resonator Technology. The result: Precision in detail, transparency in the dynamics and an incomparable vivid musicality.

  • clear edged design with a homelike look
  • technically identical with the pagode Master Reference
  • each model carries a dedicated resonator set-up
  • wood frame with front metal décor insert in anodized or high-polished aluminium
  • alu side pillars with acoustically dampening wood covers


Clear-edged frame design with flush shelves make the pagode edition a modern variant of the renowned Master Reference.

Wood covers on the aluminium side pillars improve the sound by dampening vibrations, but also provide an attractive compact look.

Perfect finish quality and dimensionally accurate workmanship persuade in every single detail.

pagode edition MKII platforms

The platforms allow for power amplifiers or mains power supplies to be positioned lengthwise or crosswise. Equipped with the Resonator Technology of the rack models.

Available in two sizes.

Pagode MKII features

  • Honeycomb core ultra-lightweight shelves for significantly optimized resonance absorption
  • Ceramic ball coupling of honeycomb core shelves by means of ball point setscrews
  • Tried-and-tested Resonator Technology in all racks and amplifier platforms


  • CARBOFIBRE° isolation shelves with ceramic ball coupling optionally available for all PAGODE° EDITION MK II and MASTER REFERENCE MK II racks and amplifier platforms
  • CARBOFIBRE° isolation shelves retrofitable to earlier PAGODE° MK I racks and amplifier platforms


Canadian maple wood in seven standard colour finishes.

Aluminum side pillars silver-grey matt anodized as standard or high-gloss polished at extra cost.

P01 – Natural maple

P02 – Walnut

P03 – Makassar

P04 – Palisander

P05 – Cherry

P06 – Pearl white

P07 – Pearl black


Finite Elemente